General Information

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Race Categrories

Pro Cat 1/2
Cat 3
Cat 4/5

*Master Cat 1/2/3 35+
*Master Cat 1/2/3 50+

**Master Cat 4/5 40+
**Master Cat 3/4/5 50+

***Master Open 60+
***Master Open 70+

*Pro Cat 1/2
*Cat 3
  Cat 4/5 

Please note: These are the categories that are scored for the Tour of Washington Series. Additional categories maybe added to each event at the discretion of each individual Event Director. Categories are race together and scored seperat are note above.

Entry Fees

Tour of Washington Complete Series

Individual Registration  $275.00 before 12/1/2020 – $325 before 03/28/2021 – 375.00 before registration closes

Team Registration     Call for details 1-801-699-5126

Tour of Walla Walla Registration

Individual Registration  $150.00 before 12/1/2020 – $175.00 before 03/28/2021 – $200.00 before registration closes

Prize List

Please refer to the prize tab from the home page for complete payout details

Tour Of Washington Series Details

Overall is based on a points system, The following schedule will be used:

1st thru 15th: 25,20,16,14,12,10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1

Tie breaker will be as follows:

1.Total number of points

2.Total number of first places

3.Place in last race

Team GC will be based on time from the team competition from all three events

Tie breaker will be as follows:

1.Total Time

2.Total number of Team GC wins

3. Team placing in the last event

2020 International Riders Rules from USA Cycling

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